Our Rental Management helps you accomplish your desired goals and objectives. We accurately assess the market value of your property to get you the best value and future tenant.

By doing a property appraisal, which provides an estimate of the market value we take into consideration many factors such as; location, amenities, building age, parking space, furnished versus unfurnished etc… which make a difference on obtaining a long-term lease versus short term lease.

Our focus is on providing customer service excellence to our investors and tenants. We can’t settle for satisfaction; we strive to deliver more than expected; we work relentlessly to provide outstanding results and stand out.
Services Rental Management Foreign Investors
Property Appraisal
Initial and final inspection
Tenant selection
Lease management
Rent payments
Security bond
Ongoing management
Accounts management
End of month statements
Routine Inspections
Maintenance & Repairs
Management of tenant files
Subcontractor management in case of deficiencies or other. (eg: appliances, heating / A/C)
Direct monthly transfer of funds to the bank of your choice
TAX account management x
Management of Condo Fee Payment and Other Condo Expenses x
Continuous collaboration with the co-ownership syndicate to ensure control over the chips, access to common areas and compliance with building rules and regulations.
Attendance at all general or special assembly convened by the Co-op syndicat. x
Management and resolution of all conflicts with tenants, Co-op Syndicat, suppliers or contractors.
Management of service providers (ex: Bell, hydro etc.) x
Management of the vacant Condo, such as control of heating / A/C, daily, weekly or monthly logbook as requested by the insurance companies
Concierge services (corporate clients, sports club, Gvmt)
Housekeeping Services
Key Management
File legal procedure to recover rental amounts owed, as appropriate; x