Long Term

1. Advertising

Your property will be listed on three (3) websites and on most social media portals to gain maximum exposure.

1. Alouer.ca (JEMAC COMPANY)

2. Louer.com

3. Kozy.ca

2. Initial and Final Inspection

An “Initial Inspection” is carried out prior to the tenant taking possession of the property; this is a complete report on the condition of the property. The tenants receive a copy and sign off on it. This inspection is then used a guide for the “Final Inspection” at the end of the tenancy taking into account wear and tear. “Final Inspection Guide” and “Initial Inspection” documents supplied for your information.

3. Tenant Selection

Prospective tenants must supply all information requested on our extensive “Application Form”. We phone all referees supplied on the forms including past landlords and employers. Tenants are then selected if the information supplied reaches the standards we require, the information are then passed to you for your final approval.

4. Lease Preparation – Renting Fee

The renting fee covers all the costs of attaining new tenants, excluding media advertising. This includes all show-through, initial inspection, reference checking, lodging of bond, drawing up a Residential Tenancy Agreement and any other documentation.

5. Rent Payments

Tenants pay rent via direct debit into our trust account. JEMAC will then issue payments to landlords.

6. Security Bond

At the commencement of the Tenancy, a Security Bond of 2 months rent is collected and deposited in JEMAC’s trust account until the lease maturity date.

7. Arrears

Rent arrears is checked daily and followed up with appropriate action – phone call, letter or Forms are served whatever the situation calls to ensure rental payments are kept up to date.

8. Ongoing Management – Management Fee

The management fee is charged on all monies collected on your behalf. Management fees cover the day to day running of the property, tenant and landlord liaison, arranging maintenance, site visits, collecting and processing rental payments, rent arrears, etc.

9. Routine Inspections

“Routine Inspections” are carried out every three months, a report of the inspection is sent to you with your end of month statement. Any maintenance or other matters of an urgent nature is reported to you immediately to enable us to take the necessary action.

10. Maintenance & Repairs

We have a register of qualified and suitably insured Trades People to cover any maintenance that may be required.

11. Accounts

We can pay all of your accounts pertaining to your investment property; taxes, hydro, maintenance, etc. Copies are sent to you with your end of month statement.

12. End of Month Statements

At the end of each month, a Statement is issued detailing:

  • Rents Collected
  • All outgoings (ie rates and maintenance, etc)
  • Management Fees
  • Deposits in your bank.

We hope to hear from you soon.